A 25-site rain gauge network was established in late August 1992 with approximately 5 miles between gauges. The network was reduced to 20 sites in September 1996. The rain gauge network was maintained monthly by a Mason County resident, Bob Ranson, through July 2014.  It is now maintained by ISWS field technician Dana Grabowski. During these visits, data are downloaded, other routine services are performed and major maintenance and repairs are completed as needed. Each month, hourly rainfall amounts are totaled from 15-minute digital data and are placed into an array of values for the 20 gauges. This data array is used to check for spatial and temporal consistency between gages, and to divide the data into storm periods. This information is summarized and reported monthly to interested stakeholders via the IVWA Monthly Precipitation Report.

Monthly Precipitation Reports

IVWA Precipitation Network Daily Data Archive